Ideas for your bathroom

There are many ways to bring uniqueness to your home. Especially the bathroom, the place where the people take care of theirselves the most. To combine this personal well being, we need to feel good and powerful in a place that is exactly as we have always dreamed. LSI decor brings a person’s particular taste to luxury in stone. Let’s see some examples.

1. Leave it simple
Sometimes more is less, specially if you are working with a minimalist style. If you opt for a simple decoration, choose items that match your overall aesthetic. If you have a neutral/ bege aesthetic on your bathroom, choose elements with the same tones. If your bathroom is already full of color and textures, leave your bathtub simple with one or any element on top.

2. Combine materials
Washbasin with integrated support of the same stone quality. In the photo below there is the minimalist combination with the abstract style. The stone itself does this effect when applied. In this case we have the presence of a 100% natural element that adds a touch of refinement to your home. Combined with other natural elements, it makes the piece unique.

3. Add a art pieces
Instead of adding elements to your bathtub, you can chose a statement piece. Some bathtubs can be simple and the others become a home decor piece on their own. If you choose this statement pieces you don’t need to add any more elements. This jars can be combined of different materials, such as stone, glass, steel and wood.

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