Our Legacy


The Beginning

Founded in 1999, LSI Stone began as INOVOPEDRA, when Regina Vitório and Pedro Vazão joined forces to combine their family heritage and vast years of experience in this area.

LSI DECOR was born from one of the great goals that Regina wanted to achieve. Fortunately, in 2021 it was possible to fulfil this goal. It is said to be one of the goals because more novelties are to come. With a vast knowledge in the world of stone, Regina Vitório and her husband Pedro Vazão joined forces to build something they had always aspired to. Its structural basis is the modification of the stone in all its splendour, which encompasses from the façades of large buildings to the pavement of private homes at an international level.


The combination of the knowledge of the stone and its good quality, together with the factory know-how, is a fusion that has no comparison in the stone industry.

LSI Stone launches LSI DECOR in order to bring nature in detail to each home office. From luxurious decorative pieces, to customised furniture adapted to each client. This care that exists in every detail is really a great bet in the real estate world, because in addition to creating unique pieces to the client’s taste, transforms homes giving a touch of refinement.


With a keen eye for business and a continuous journey, Regina Vitório is the heart and soul of LSI Stone. It has been a journey of hard work, the CEO acknowledges as she looks back at the challenges and risky decisions she has had to make.


Fearless and self-motivated, Regina knows her business better than anyone else and controls every aspect of LSI Stone’s activity. Working side by side with world renowned architects and shaping some of the most contemporary iconic buildings, Regina has brought LSI Stone to the center stage of the global stone industry. Consequently, she is privileged to have an incredible portfolio due to her efforts.