Regina Vitório: Behind LSI Decor

The founder and CEO of LSI Stone is the brain behind LSI Décor. Regina Vitório’s desire to achieve a beautiful and aesthetic world led her to create a different approach to natural stone.


Regina has the ability to transport people’s emotions to a positive and encouraging space and now is going to create happiness in your home. The constant evolution of ideas and power of design brought a whole new world into our company.

The exclusive collection of LSI Décor is a result of inspiration from Regina’s childhood surrounded by natural environments, motivation from her team and willpower to create different projects.

Our collection offers a variety of natural stone home décor. Each piece is unique and fits different interior styles- from minimalist to contemporary and even to art deco.


Our inspiration comes from nature’s shapes and forms- each piece is unique and has its characteristics.

When working with a natural material, we need to embrace its perfect imperfections rather than try to change them- at LSI Décor, we shape what nature gives us and deliver it to you.

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